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Panel Cleaning

  • Roof slopes less than 33°.
  • Homeowner must have working water spigot for us to use.

Bird Netting

  • Time and Material
  • We install PVC coated steel mesh to the perimeter of your solar system.

Panel Skirts

  • Time and Material
  • We will install a black skirt along the lower row of your array for improved aesthetics.

Removal and Reinstall (R&R)

  • Time and Material
  • We coordinate with your Roofer.
  • We spend our first visit removing the PV system and store it on site.
  • We return to reinstall it when the roof is ready.

Enphase Upgrade Program

  • We will replace your older Enphase microinverter system (M175, M190, M210 and D380) with latest Enphase IQ 7-PD.
  • Enphase will provide the microinverters and Enphase related wiring at a heavily discounted rate.
  • We will install them on your existing system.
  • We currently support Option 1 (Microinverter Upgrade) and Option 3 (Next-Generation Upgrade).

System Monitoring

  • Time and Material
  • We will work with you and your Solar PV and Energy Storage monitoring company to correct and improve your monitoring issue.