On many occasions, solar system owners request additional work to be done to improve and maintain panel functionality and performance. Our Service Department offers a variety of options to choose from (see below). Keep your solar system in peak condition, contact our Service Department today!


Panel Cleaning

Your solar panels will get dirty over time. Layers of dust & debris accumulate, affecting your solar production. Contact us to get your panels professionally cleaned.

  • Roof slopes less than 33°.
  • Homeowner must have working water spigot for us to use.

Removal and Reinstall (R&R)

If you need to make repairs to your roof, we can remove & reinstall your system, so that your roof project can be completed smoothly.

  • Time and Material
  • We coordinate with your Roofer.
  • We spend our first visit removing the PV system and store it on site.
  • We return to reinstall it when the roof is ready.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

We can install your EV charging station while installing your solar and battery systems. It’s more efficient and cost effective to do them together, so give us a call.

If you just need the EV charger installed, please give our Service Department a call today!

  • Time and Material

Panel Skirts

Give your panels a sleek appearance with panel skirts. This addition hides your panel wires and mounts, giving your system a cleaner look.

  • Time and Material
  • We will install a black skirt along the lower row of your array for improved aesthetics.

System Monitoring

Is your solar system having issues? Let our team of experts troubleshoot and resolve your system’s performance & monitoring.

  • Time and Material
  • We will work with you and your Solar PV and Energy Storage monitoring company to correct and improve your monitoring issue.

Critter Guards

Birds and other pests can live under your solar system. With bird netting installed, you can avoid panel and wiring damage that may occur.

  • Time and Material
  • We install PVC coated steel mesh to the perimeter of your solar system.

Enphase Upgrade Program

Upgrade your legacy Enphase inverters to the latest Enphase technology. The upgrade is perfect if you are interested in an Enphase Encharge energy storage solution.

  • We will replace your older Enphase microinverter system (M175, M190, M210 and D380) with latest Enphase IQ 7-PD.
  • Enphase will provide the microinverters and Enphase related wiring at a heavily discounted rate.
  • We will install them on your existing system.
  • We currently support Option 1 (Microinverter Upgrade) and Option 3 (Next-Generation Upgrade).

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