Residential Production Guarantee

Our Promise
Clean Solar is the leading installer to provide a 15-year residential production guarantee to all our clients. We guarantee that your solar system will produce the annual stated production in your contract or pay you the difference!

If your system does not produce the quoted kilowatt-hours per year (kWh/year -4%), Clean Solar will pay you the average cost per kilowatt-hour that your utility charged you for the previous 12 months for each kWh the system failed to produce. Clean Solar does allow a 4% margin of error that compensates for any change in weather patterns for which Clean Solar has no control.

Added Bonus
Clean Solar’s residential production guarantee is 8% higher than CSI (California Solar Initiative). Our guarantee is unsurpassed in the industry. When coupled with our 25-year warranty, our production guarantee allows the customer the only full-service warranty & guarantee in the industry. Similar to a leased system, but even better – you OWN the system.

* Requirements: Clean Solar must install the solar system. It does not cover accidental, incidental, or intentional damage, including acts of God (earthquakes, hail, etc.) or damage due to the owner’s neglect. Any acts of God or damage due to neglect at any point during the 15-year guarantee will void said guarantee.

The guarantee is good for 15 years on the solar power system. In the event of system downtime due to product warranty work, the total days of downtime will be given an average daily production value. Those lost production days will be subtracted from the quoted annual production of the system to determine the new annual kWh production that this guarantee will cover.

After the first full year of production (365 days from system power on), Clean Solar will have five business days to confirm any request by the customer for the difference in the quoted annual production (-4% for environmental deviation) and the actual annual production of the solar system. Clean Solar will confirm their findings with the customer to determine the appropriate payment. Payment may take up to 30 days for processing and delivery.

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