Congratulations! You’re taking the first step towards Energy Independence! I’m sure your excited about your upcoming Virtual Site Visit. Here are some instructions to help you prepare for it.

The information requested by Clean Solar for a Virtual Site Visit is necessary to be able to give you a thorough and accurate quote. We respect your time and with this information, we are able to prepare in advance your unique and specific energy plan.


  1. The first thing you need to do is download your interval data from the PG&E website of your Energy Usage Details. You will email this spreadsheet, along with everything outlined below, to your Clean Solar Specialist two days in advance of your virtual appointment.
    a. Sign into your PG&E online account. If you don’t have one, you can create one.
    b. Once logged in, click on Energy Usage Details.
    c. Click on Green Button – Download my data.
    d. Fill out the download my data form.
    i. Export all bill totals
    ii. Format: CSV
    iii. Click Export and send us “pge_electric_billing_data
    Download PG&E Monthly kWh Usage
  2. Second, please provide a current copy of your PG&E monthly bill.
    a. Log onto
    b. Login to your online account.
    c. Click on Bill Payment History.
    d. Click on View Bill PDF.
    e. Save As to your computer and include in the email to Clean Solar.
    Download your Monthly PG&E Bill
  3. Third, photos are very important. They show us the specific details of each breaker and exactly where your electric panel is located, where the PG&E meter is, and everything surrounding it. You will need to send us these photos, along with the PG&E Energy Usage and Monthly Bill, as stated before, as soon as possible.a. A wide-angle photo next to the PG&E meter head.
    b. A second shot of the same meter head but from 10 feet away to capture the surrounding area.
    c. A picture of the main breaker in main service panel.
    d. The label inside the panel.
    e. All interior sub panels if applicable.
    What to Look for When Taking Main Service Panel Photos

For Battery storage, please provide a list of the circuit breakers you would like to backup: i.e., refrigerator, bedroom or bathroom lights, medical devices, garage door.

Knowing which breakers go to your lights, and which appliances are critical to your home, allows us to prepare again the exact unique configuration of your energy system. Click the link below to find out what kinds of items are typically backed up.

Manage your Loads ver 3.1 

In conclusion, the above PG&E data, photos, and other details are what is required to get the most from your virtual visit. Your Clean Solar Specialist will be ready and thorough on your virtual visit day!