Clean Solar News

Clean Solar would like to share with you a commercial installation that is going on this week. Obviously, we don’t write a blog post for all our commercial installations, but this one is special and it’s getting local government and media coverage… and we thought you might like to be a part of it too.

Here’s what’s happening: Clean Solar will be installing 90 Sunpower solar panels on the Children’s Discovery Museum’s (CDM) new Builder Building exhibit space. Assisting with the installation will be youth from the San Jose Conservation Corp (SJCC), who will be learning how to complete a solar installation.

On Wednesday, June 29 at 11am, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo will be on site and even go up on the roof to be a part of the solar installation.

The CDM is known to many as the big purple building in downtown San Jose, so this solar installation is being rolled out as “Purple is the New Green. Solar Panels Powering Play.” Clean Solar is excited to be a doing this installation.

What makes it even more special is that Clean Solar lead installer, Ed Wiltz, will be involved in this installation and will be mentoring SJCC students. Ed was featured in the award-winning solar documentary, Catching the Sun, which shared his story of learning a trade of construction and solar employment opportunities through the Solar Richmond program, similar to SJCC, and his success story of finding a job at Clean Solar 5 years ago that has seen this solar growth to a lead installer.