The Clean Solar Culture

Clean Solar is more than just the premier solar company in the Bay Area. We are a team of motivated, creative, honest, hard-working people just like you. At Clean Solar, we pride ourselves on superb customer service, customer satisfaction, and being transparent throughout the installation process. Every homeowner we work with knows our plan, including what we are doing, its reasons, and when it will get done.

Clean Solar Employees

The Employees of Clean Solar Provide You the Best

We partner with families to bring them the solar system they want for their homes.

When they founded Clean Solar in 2007, Randy Zechman and Jeff Ritchey believed they could make a difference in customer service for homeowners purchasing solar.

Randy and Jeff dedicated Clean Solar to taking care of every detail of your solar installation. We pride ourselves on returning phone calls within hours instead of weeks, communicating changes in schedule, talking the customer through the entire process, and cleaning up on the job site. From the onset, we educate homeowners on all facets of their solar system, from products we use to financial outcomes. Randy says,

“During the install, we always let the customer know where we are in the process, and provide a current timetable. Afterward, we make sure the customer is happy with the aesthetic components, and we always want to be there so they can see their meter spin backward.”

Clean Solar Site Analyst and Happy Homeowner

Clean Solar Provides Options to Ensure you are Completely Satisfied

Randy also says that Clean Solar “hangs its hat” on two important dynamics:

1. Giving back to the community: Every year, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to local charity partners; and

2. We guarantee that your system will produce that stated amount or more. “We are confident in our system design. Clean Solar wants to give our customers confidence they will get what we are promising. Solar has become a very reliable and quantifiable commodity.”

Clean Solar, unlike our competition, offers homeowners the convenience of choosing from several different products. The power of choice ensures that you will be completely satisfied by your Clean Solar installation.

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