How Rooftop Solar Technology Can Significantly Reduce Electricity Costs

Rising electricity bills are a concern for many homeowners. Fortunately, innovative technologies like rooftop solar offer a solution that not only reduces your energy costs but also allows you to take control of your energy consumption and contribute to a cleaner environment. Let's explore how rooftop solar technology can significantly

Solar Panels with Battery Storage
Battery Storage

What and How: Solar Panels with Battery Storage Empower You to Go From Sunlight to Self-Sufficiency

Harnessing the sun's power for your home's energy needs is a significant step towards energy independence. However, traditional solar panel systems rely on the grid when sunlight is unavailable. Here's where solar panels with battery storage come in, empowering you to take complete control and achieve true self-sufficiency. Understanding Solar

Solar Energy

Upgrade Your Energy Independence: Why Solar Power Is the Best Option

In today's world, energy independence is more important than ever. Rising electricity costs, coupled with a growing awareness of environmental responsibility, have many homeowners seeking alternative energy solutions. Among these options, solar power stands out as a reliable, efficient, and sustainable way to take control of your energy consumption and


Prepare Your Home for the Future of Energy with Residential Solar Panels

Imagine a world where your home powers itself with clean, renewable energy. This isn't science fiction - it's the reality for many homeowners thanks to residential solar panels. Residential solar panel installation is a forward-thinking investment that can significantly reduce your electricity bills while increasing your home's value. Here's how

Battery Storage

Solar Power Battery Storage: Why it’s more important than ever to own a Solar Battery Storage System!

Solar Power Battery Storage is even more important today with the rising costs of electricity, so here are some of the things you’ll gain from investing in a backup battery storage system. Your lights will be on when the power goes out! One of the best features of a battery


Adding solar and backup battery storage to your existing solar system!

What can you do when your electricity needs are greater than your solar system can provide, causing you to end up with a very high PG&E true-up bill? Add solar and backup battery storage to your existing solar system! It’s possible that for the first few years, your PG&E true-up

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How to prepare for the day you bring it home! Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of an electric vehicle (EV)! As of the end of 2022, your EV is among over 26 million EVs in the world! Everything you should know about electric vehicle charging [2023] | EVBox. An additional 14.1 million

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What it means to be a Certified B Corporation by Clean Solar

What is a Certified B Corporation? B Lab awards the prestigious B Corporation certification to businesses that balance profit with purpose. As a B Corporation, Clean Solar uses our business’s power to solve social and environmental problems facing our community and our country. Clean Solar is one of 228 companies


How to Prepare for your Clean Solar Virtual Site Visit

Congratulations! You’re taking the first step towards Energy Independence! I’m sure your excited about your upcoming Virtual Site Visit. Here are some instructions to help you prepare for it. The information requested by Clean Solar for a Virtual Site Visit is necessary to be able to give you a thorough

Battery Storage

What is El Nino?

We’ve all heard of El Nino and that 2023-2024 is an El Nino Year. But what does that really mean? What exactly is El Nino? El Nino is determined by the warming of the ocean surface, resulting in above-average sea surface temperatures (SST) in the central and eastern regions of