What can you do when your electricity needs are greater than your solar system can provide, causing you to end up with a very high PG&E true-up bill?
Add solar and backup battery storage to your existing solar system!

It’s possible that for the first few years, your PG&E true-up was reasonable. A few hundred dollars, not a big worry. But for some homeowners, that is no longer the case. Some people are paying thousands of dollars when their true-up bill comes. Why? It’s because they are buying much more electricity than their solar system is producing.

Does that sound familiar?

When you reach a point of electricity usage that is two to three times the usage of your current NEM 2 system, it’s time to think about sizing up your system and adding battery storage.

Typical usage in the past was 4000 – 6000 kW hours. But now, as more and more people move to electrification of their homes, the addition of more EVs, and with hot summers and lots of AC usage, some of us are using 12,000 to 18,000 kW hours – three times as much as before. And when that happens, the true-up bill can be in the thousands of dollars! At this point, you’re buying most of your electricity from PG&E.

It’s time to consider adding solar with backup battery storage to your solar system.

Many of us think that losing our NEM 2 status means we’ll be paying much more than we are today. But is that really the case? Does adding solar with battery storage really cost us more?

When you add 20% or more to the size of your solar system, you will have to migrate to NEM 3. But rest assured, the benefits make this migration a smart financial decision, and provide longer term savings for you and your family.

There are many benefits to adding solar and batteries to your system:

  • Locking down utility rates.
    • Adding solar and battery storage helps protect against sudden rate increases from your utility company.
    • And while we know utility rates are only going to increase, adding more solar with a backup battery keep your costs even and under control.
  • Sizeable reduction of your NEM true-up bill.
    • By using more of your own solar energy, you’ll pay much less at the end of the year.
      • Savings every year!
  • Backup power during grid outages.
    • During an outage, your home will keep the lights on, and become a safe haven providing security for your family.
      • Peace of mind for your family!
  • Free energy from your solar panels to use during peak times of the day when PG&E rates are highest.
    • The NBT rates have higher priced import and export rate periods according to a fixed schedule. Instead of drawing expensive energy from the grid during those times, your solar and backup battery supply the free stored energy you need.
      • Savings every month!
  • Taking back control of your energy costs by getting back to generating 80-90% of your own energy.
    • By drawing less from the grid, you are giving less $$ to PG&E, and most importantly, you will have your own power plant!
    • And the energy you generate from your solar panels is Clean Energy!
  • Return on investment is approximately 10 years with battery storage.
  • Potential savings of $100K or more over 20-25 years. (Estimate only)
  • Increased value of your home
    • A solar and battery powered home appeals to environmentally conscious buyers.
    • Your home’s value is considerably higher with solar and battery backup storage.

In conclusion, investing in solar and backup battery storage is a financial strategy to safeguard against rising electricity costs. It’s not just about being environmentally friendly, it’s about creating a home that is self-sustaining, where the lights are always on!

Your family will feel safer, and you’ll gain energy independence all while reducing your dependency on your utility company!