California Mandates Most New Construction Include Solar Technology

Solar Panels are now a required feature on most new housing in California. California has been leading the country in renewable and sustainable energy and continues to do so. This mandate is the first of its kind in the United States and promises to lessen the dependence on our aging power grid and provide energy independence.

The families in these new homes throughout San Jose, the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area and the entire state, will now produce their own energy. Solar Power, through net energy metering (NEM), will provide families access to the power they generated throughout the day in the evening hours, when utility rates are higher.

California Leads the Way to Energy Independence

Mandating solar power on new construction is a historic decision that will, no doubt, spread to the rest of the United States. Solar Power not only reduces our dependence on the power grid but solar also reduces our need for fossil fuels. California has long led the effort to create progressive environmental policies that will help save money as well as clean our air and protect our waterways.

Clean Solar is Partnering with The Best Home Construction Companies in the Area

Clean Solar is partnering with local, quality-driven home construction contractors to provide a reliable, streamlined process and expertise in the solar and battery installation process.

Homes built under the new 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards will use about 53% less energy than those built under the previous 2016 standards. These standards also include battery storage as an option to improve energy savings. The Energy Commission estimates that adding solar to new home construction will add about $40 per month for the average home and will save consumers $80 per month on heating, cooling, and lighting bills.

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